Dear Seattle

My home away from home. It seems like forever ago that I stood on the dock at the Elliott Bay Marina and received a promise ring from my sweet boyfriend. And It seems like just yesterday that my now husband, who was that same sweet boyfriend, got down on one knee; in that beautiful Edgewater hotel room, surrounded by white rose petals and tea light candles, and presented my dream ring along with my dream reality. All in Seattle, Washington. 

Okay, okay, that was a quick trip down memory lane, I'm back now, I promise. This past weekend my sister, hubby and I spent a fun 36 hours in my favorite place to see J. Cole live, on his “4 your Eyez Only” Tour.  I originally bought the tickets as a gift for my husband. He is a huge fan of J. Cole and I am always looking for a reason to visit Seattle. The KeyArena was filled with chill people and chill vibes that lasted nearly 3 hours. We bought over-priced dad-hats, and a ton of junk food, which all ended up being well worth it. Because vacation is a time where you can splurge a little. Whether that’s by spending a little extra money, or eating a whole lotta extra calories. In our case, we did both, a few times.

With vacation comes eating out. And Dick’s Drive-in is a must anytime we visit the city. Not only is the food ridiculously delicious, but it’s ridiculously cheap. You can get a burger, fry & drink for about 5 bucks. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “you can get that at burger king”. And true, you could spend 5 bucks on a mediocre, thin burger patty and hour old fries… Or you could go to Dick’s Drive-in. This past trip we went to Dick's twice in 36 hours, and the trip before, we ate there three times! 

Anytime we visit Seattle we have to visit Pike Place Market. If you're a real newbie, you probably thought it was called "Pike's Place Market", and it's okay, because I thought the same thing! At the market you can find anything from hand-crafted jewelry to breathtaking paintings. You can eat a hotdog or you can devour gourmet macaroni, like us. There's a distinct aroma in the air at all times. I'd say it's a mixture of 30 % fresh flowers and 70 % seafood. And remember, I didn't say the scent was pleasant, I just said it was distinct. Oh! And I forgot to mention there's this, ehhh, dare I say, "cool" gum wall? It's an alley that has both walls covered in gum. Chewed gum. Like, real, chewed up and spit out, gum. The first time we took my mom to see this wall she was flabbergasted that this was a real thing. But it's real, and even though I've seen it many times, I still take a picture every single time. Like a true Seattle tourist. 

Shopping is a must anytime you travel, right? Well at least it is for us. Anytime we go to Seattle we have to stop in and check out what's new in Zara. We don’t have a Zara in Portland, and oh how I wish we did. From their trendy pieces to their basic staples, Zara is the ultimate fashionistas store. Mr. Cool Guy A.K.A my husband, even found a plaid, cut off flannel shirt, and if you know him he’s a walking, talking, poster boy for Topman, which is sold at the wonderful Nordstrom. Zara is cool because it has both higher priced items and very inexpensive items, it's the best of both worlds for a fashionista with a budget. 

 We've been to Seattle enough to now have a favorite Hotel. One day I reached out to my Facebook friends, looking for an affordable place to stay and someone mentioned The Moore Hotel. After looking it up online, and reading reviews I immediately booked.  The hotel is more than 100 years old, and still so glamourous. The Hotel is attached to the Moore Theatre and has a bar and restaurant for any late-night cravings. The first time we stayed at this hotel we heard some odd noises, somehow, I missed the reviews of past customers claiming that the place was haunted. We spent the rest of the day playing jokes on each other. It made me so paranoid that at one point I woke up in the middle of the night and thought that the "man with the top hat" had come for me... Turns out it was just my husband breathing. Anyways... We've stayed here twice within two months so it’s safe to say we’ll stay here again. We've even made peace with the lady ghost, we call her "Anne" and she's pretty chill now. And although we don't have our next trip planned, I am sure we will be back in Seattle, sooner than later.

If you’ve got some favorite places that you think I’d like for next time, I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!