15 minutes later

Almost 1 month ago, my husband drove away from our home, and I immediately got sick to my stomach. The Lord was telling me then. Harm was coming. Death was lurking. I couldn’t call my husband up and tell him “come home, I think you’re going to die” so I started to pray. Harm can show up, and death can lurk, but it can not penetrate the life of whoever the Lord has marked as safe. So I obediently prayed that he would return home safe. I prayed that he would be okay. I prayed that I would see him again. 15 minutes later, my husband called me. My husband had gotten into a horrific car accident. That thankfully didn’t hurt or involve anyone else.

“Babe. So I need to tell you something. I need to tell you something... I Messed up my car, I was spe...” I cut him off. I knew what he would say next. “He was speeding”. Because well, let’s just say I’ve told him a few times to slow it down, and that, red cars with turbo engines have higher insurance rates for a reason.

I paused. I paused so long that he repeated himself, I think he thought I didn’t hear him. But I had heard him, loud and clear, just as I had heard the Holy Spirit tell me to pray for him, loud and clear. I paused a little longer because I knew that what came next, mattered the most. My husband, in desperate need of reassurance, and not in need of disapproval, needed me, to tell him that it was going to be okay.

I carefully fixed my already high pitch voice, to sound as sweet as possible, masking my sadness and fear. And I told him that it was going to be okay. And to stop worrying about the car. Yes, I told a Subaru-loving-man, not to worry about his totaled, first-purchased Subaru. Yeah, I tried it, and no, it didn’t go over well. He told me that I didn’t understand his love for the car. Honestly he was right, but me, being me, I had a comeback. “You don’t understand my love for you. The fact that you’re on the phone, fully coherent, gives me reason to jump for joy in the middle of this cold rainy evening. Who cares about the car? We can buy a better one!” Y’all, we don’t even have money like that, to just drop on a brand new Subaru, but trust me. When your man is alive and well, you feel like you can do anything!

I stayed up all night, long after he had fallen asleep, asking God to pull us through this difficult time. I thanked him for allowing him to walk away from a mangled car, scratch free. I thanked him for my own obedience. Believing whole heartedly that my prayers are what allowed him to walk away, without a hair being bothered on his pretty head. I prayed over my husband for about 2 hours, before my tear-filled eyes finally shut from exhaustion.

3 hours later, I awoke to my husband getting ready for work, and preparing to walk to his work truck. I almost laughed out loud, and felt offended in the same moment. Did he really think that I was going to let MY MAN walk 10 blocks before his 10 hour shift? No thank you. I mean, I wanted him to feel the pain of speeding, but not really feel it, ya know? Anyways, one day turned into two days and two days turned into 3 weeks.

For a little over 3 weeks I got the pleasure of getting up 1 hour earlier than my normal wake time aka 4:45AM-5:15AM  and got to drive him to his work truck. Most of the mornings I’d be too tired to say much, but we sat together for about 10 mins each morning, in silence, sometimes holding hands, sometimes surfing Facebook. But always enjoying each other’s company.

Now that I get to sleep in again. I can say how truly thankful I am for the extra time we got to spend together. And for the life lesson I was taught on that cold, rainy night.

Pray over your loved ones and always be obedient when the Lord calls you. It might just save a life.

Disclaimer: His car was somehow fixed. We for sure thought it would be totaled, but $7k later, they handed his keys back to us....well, back to our mom, who picked it up on our behalf. She picked the car apart and found imperfections, that they will be fixing because Mama doesn’t play! So soon, we will be back in FULL action. If y’all see my man cruising down the street with his sunroof open, going anything over, 5 mph UNDER the speed limit, let me know.