You’re going to be a Daddy!

That day I sat in the parking lot for 5 minutes, still trying to wrap my brain around the reality that I was going to be a mother. Or really that I was already a mother. Someone already depended upon me to live. A poppyseed-sized being depended upon me for life. I pondered the thought. I didn’t even like poppyseeds. But there I was staring at the the newly downloaded app that told me “your baby is the size of a poppyseed”. Thinking “this is the cutest poppyseed I’ve ever seen!”

I originally had the day off, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. But since the hubby had to work I decided to work a half day. I was 5 mins late to my half day.  Because I just HAD to call my doctor’s office the moment they opened. The receptionist asked me what the nature of my appt was. I said “I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, I took two actually. They were both positive” I told her that I had actually never said it out loud before and she was the first person I told. She said she was honored. And then it hit me. I accidentally told someone before my husband. Oops anyways... “when can I get an appointment?!” She told me that I couldn’t be seen until 8 weeks... aka an entire month away.

My half day was dragging on, so I left 5 minutes early, such a rebel, I know. But really it was all I could do without telling all of my coworkers before daddy even knew!

When I got off work I headed straight to Target. Because I knew that I could trust good ol’ Target to have what I needed. I headed straight to their $1 section and picked up the first pack of blank cards I could find and sped out of the parking lot. Next I picked up live crab and two sirloin steaks. See, if you really know us, you know that we eat good for every occasion. I wasn’t sure if we were celebrating our 2 year anniversary or the fact that we were going to be parents, but either way, I picked up dinner with a sense of pride and excitement AND a poppyseed filling my tummy.

That day my husband said he’d be home by 4:30. He walked in the door at 4:38 and yes those extra 8 mins almost killed me. Mainly because I practically held my breath for the whole 8 minutes.

I told him that I’d put together a really fun time capsule game that we would play every year on our anniversary. We were to record our answers on video and rewatch our videos every year. Clever, I know.

I sat him down on the couch, and perfectly propped up my phone to record our exciting news. We each opened up the cards that I had handwritten and numbered... number 7 being the one with the upmost important information in it. Each question going by in a blur for me.

He opened the 7th card like normal. Having no idea that from that moment on his life would never be the same. The innocence in his cute face eased my nerves. I watched his eyes as they read over my cursive words, waiting for it to click, waiting for him to be in on the secret. He let out a higher pitched “whattt?!?” With tears in his eyes...

And just like that July 3rd remained the best day of my life.

P.S. I was too sick to actually eat the sirloin, so we devoured our crab instead. He spent the rest of the evening scouring Pinterest for ways to announce our news to the Squad. He decided on a box of Krispy Creme Donuts with a picture of our tortoise saying “eat up, my mom can’t be the only one with a belly”. Mom was so excited that she canceled her 4th of July plans, and we talked baby stuff all day. Almost everyone had tearful, joyful reactions to our wonderful news. It took some a little longer to catch on, but nevertheless, we are grateful to those who have been rocking with us since day one,  especially pre-baby! And to those who have helped make this such a special time. We are incredibly thankful for our support system, and couldn’t do this without them! 

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