26 & Pregnant

Hey. It’s been awhile. I’m sorry for being M.I.A. I’ve had a lot going on. Like a lot. I went on vacation at the beginning of the summer. Came back for 2 weeks, got sick and preoccupied with some things.

You might have noticed, I was a little hush hush when it came to my 2 year wedding anniversary. I’m sorry about that too. Let me explain.

The Sunday before our anniversary my hubby took me and his dad to a Seattle Mariners game. It was awesome. The crowd was awesome. The team was awesome. The smell was... not so awesome. I could smell my Father in Law’s beer, 2 seats away. And I could smell the hot dog that was being eaten 2 rows ahead by the guy with the throwback jersey on. My chicken strips smelled less than stellar. And the only thing that tasted good was a bag of cotton candy. So I ate the whole bag.

The next day I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and honestly my husband could do no right that morning... so he took me to breakfast, even after I told him I didn’t have an appetite. (See what I mean about not doing any right?) So anyways, after eating my hash browns and leaving the rest of my $16 plate of food untouched, we went home.

My husband, so exhausted from my attitude, decided to take a nap. And I decided to take a test. And not a math pop quiz type of test, those I usually failed. I took a fancy pregnancy test. I put it under the bathroom rug because I had looked at it 10 times within 2 seconds. I washed my hands, walked out of the bathroom and back in... I dropped to my knees to pick it up, and there it was. “PREGNANT”, see, I heard that before the fancy tests were created, women actually had to look at lines and like put the pieces together. But nope, not this one, it read “PREGNANT” clear as day. But I blinked a few times, just to make sure. And then I proceeded to take pictures of it, just so I could read what it said on my iPhone screen. No matter how I read it, it remained the same, “PREGNANT”. I was in complete and utter shock. That oh my gosh, I am so excited that I cannot move, type of shock. That “how did this happen?” type of shock. But til this day I don’t know why I was so shocked.

When I sat in Row 26, Seat A, on an Alaskan Airplane and naively whispered to my husband “we should try to conceive when we get to Mexico” I didn’t actually believe that it would just happen like that. But here I was, a month later, still holding on to that Mexico-sun tan, with the greatest souvenir I could have ever brought home. Standing there with legs of jello, and a white and blue stick in my hand, I came to the realization that when your prayers and actions align with God’s, anything can happen. I guess you could call it, God’s plan.

Stay tuned for how I told my husband he was going to be a daddy! You might just shed a few tears.


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